Rock House

Bespoke dwelling rising from the ground in rural Donegal

Rock House


This very rural plot provides the most romantic features of a site wedged between a meandering river, hills of Donegal and a garden of mature trees. The site is heavily contoured in parts which provided the opportunity to tuck the dwelling into it providing shelter and minimising impact on the ground.


In typical fashion, Patrick Bradley Architects contorted the typical rural barn form into a clean shaped monopitch roof structure finished in wild grasses on a small rectilinear footprint. This roof formation grew from the ground to its peak over the main living room which provides the direct views towards the mountains.


Cosy feature window seats to the east façade overlook the river which provides a perfect place for reading books and chilling out.


A lone standing stone wall divides the access / car parking from the main external evening space providing privacy and avoiding views towards the ‘back end’ of house.