Red Barn House

Red corrugated tin replacement dwelling on a restricted site

Red Barn House


The site constraints included the plot size, the contours of rising land outside the boundary, the view of a dilapidated barn and neighbouring properties including a tight budget and expansive brief.


The dwelling took formation as a single rectilinear block with a traditional pitched roof and flat roof car port. The architecture can be defined as vernacular as the rough cast render is regularly used within the countryside for its easy application and cost effective for budgets. The red corrugated roof is also another material which is used in surplus on rural farm buildings for protection.


The glazing to the south west corner is concentrated on both ground and first floor level to ensure maximised views out of the site are made for both the limited views and solar gain.


The interaction of topography, along with the material expression and diverse architectural / agricultural mix provides a contemporary, yet traditional, architecture.