Dawson Manor

Country manor renovation with modern glass extension

Dawson Manor


This abandoned dwelling had suffered from years of neglect. The mature gardens were overgrown and in need of attention which further added to the despair of this site. This property deserved better.


The proposal took many different approaches and styles however each one adds intrigue. On approach to the dwelling a side modern corten clad extension appears creating an element of mystery and juxtaposition against the traditionally rendered Georgian dwelling. Continuing through the site, the rear annex of the dwelling has been completely demolished and replaced in situ with a modern glazed link and what appears to be a floating blackened timber box overlooking a large feature infinity pool.


This will create a brighter, larger open plan living area in line with their brief and in a contrasting architectural style of old and new architecture.


A contrasting architectural language will spark interest and along with fine landscaping including water pools will make for a grand, modern dwelling.