Churchfield Pavilion

A pavilion inspired home with views to Rathlin Island

Churchfield Pavilion


This replacement dwelling has a prominent location within the Antrim Coast and Glens AONB. The new dwelling was established as a modern-day pavilion on this beautiful site overlooking the ocean and views towards Rathlin Island.


An important existing feature were the two holly trees which are prominent along the front boundary.


These trees are very personal to the clients and it was important these were retained. We carefully created a focal point and designed the main pedestrian approach to the pavilion in between the two uniformed holly trees.


The pavilion is conceived thereafter as part of a freestanding rectilinear form which the main dwelling is directly connected to under the over sailing eaves and colonnaded walkway.


The large glazed frameless windows provide seamless aesthetics whilst the pavilions canopy creates an experience of light and space fully integrating with nature and an external porch.


This sculptural interplay of internal and external spaces is an expression of creative architecture at a small scale blurring the line between inside and out.